Get a soft measuring tape and wrap it on the dog’s neck as shown below. Every collar is custom-made to the measurements you provide us with. Getting this right is the most important part of the process, so please follow these instructions.

Right way

Wrap a cloth tape measure around your dog’s neck as shown in the first two images below.

Wrong way

If it’s sagging and your fingers are under the tape then it’s too loose and your collar won’t fit correctly. But don’t strangle your dog either! Snug is good, tight is bad.

Alternative method

Alternatively, you can take your dog’s collar, closed on the hole they wear it on, and run a tape measure around the inner circumference.

PLEASE do not lay the collar flat on the table and measure it that way. We can’t stress that enough!

There is no refund or return on bespoke collars that don’t fit because the wrong measurement was provided. If you’re in Sydney and would like us to measure your dog for you please get in touch to set up an appointment.

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