bruno the dog wrapped in fairy lights christmas

Cut-off for Christmas orders
Our production time is 4-6 weeks so in order to guarantee delivery before Christmas, and allow time for postage, you’ll need to get your orders in to us before midnight this Sunday (8 November 2015). This guarantee is for domestic customers only, it’s now too late for customers outside of Australia. Overseas customers can still order something between now and Christmas but it most likely won’t get to you in time to place it under the tree.

Christmas opening hours and gift vouchers
Ruthless Leather will be closed from 18th December 2015 until Monday 4th January 2016. During that time the email will be on auto-reply and there will be no one available to answer any questions or generate gift vouchers. If you wish to gift someone a voucher for Christmas we’ll need to receive your order before close of business (Sydney time) on Friday 18th December.

Summer holiday for Daveless
As Dave works 60-70 hour weeks year ’round we stop production over Christmas and through January in order for him to recharge. He’ll down tools on the 18th of December and won’t return to the workshop until the start of February 2016. While you can still access the website and place orders during that time, no work will be done until he returns from his break. You can still order from the Ready to Ship section (although the section above still applies) but any custom orders received after the start of December 2015 will not be completed until between mid-February and mid-March 2016.

The foster puppy was going to model for our Christmas photo, to give you a break from Bruno for at least one post, but he decided that running around in the rain and digging holes would be way more fun. He hasn’t quite worked out the value of cabasnossi like Bruno has!

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