Are you ready to meet our ambassadogs? There are four in total. First up we have Arlo and Quiz the Salukis (you can find them on Instagram here).

I chose them because they go on regular outings and I know these wares will get out and about more than any of my own dogs’ collars. I didn’t consider the fact that they have very little neck real estate to decorate or that their ever-so-long ears would make the collars hard to photograph ?  We got there though!

Both dogs are wearing martingales. Arlo’s is grey on burgundy biothane with stainless steel hardware and some gorgeous gems that I bought yeeeeeeears ago for leather collars but never got around to using. They’re pretty cool, hey? I haven’t added this design to the website yet but it can be custom ordered.

Quiz’s martingale is a variation of the Love is Love weave with solid brass hardware and a biothane adapter (on the far side of his neck, to close the martingale with a buckle, you’ll see it as a closure style in the FAQs section). I’ll try and get a sample of this weave made so I can add it to the site but if you don’t want to wait you can also custom order this.

Our next ambassadog is Chubbs. I think we first met at the Dog Lovers Show. He doesn’t just get out and about more than my dogs, he has a more active social life than even the most extroverted of my friends!

Each ambassadog got a paracord collar and a biothane collar and leash (except Karen, she got one collar and leash for each of her two dogs). Here’s Chubbs in his biothane selector collar and leash. I would never have thought to put these two colours together but I just LOVE the combo. You won’t miss him out and about in these.

Here’s Chubbs in his second bespoke collar, a Spinal Tap Jnr. We referred to these as the Ikea colours because his person liked the sample of a different weave that I made in similar colours. The biothane adapter was made in the same pale blue as his biothane leash so he can mix and match. All the hardware and beads are stainless steel, so he can play in all the puddles that he wants!

Excuse me for a minute while I blow smoke up my own arse … HOW BLOODY GORGEOUS IS THIS COLLAR?!! This is a Ball Tearer and also an intro to our fourth and final ambassadog, Kobi. It kinda pained me to give him this beauty but I know it will bring so much more attention to our business on the streets of the Northern Beaches than it will hanging in my studio!

Kobi did a great job at modelling his new collar. I didn’t even have to chuck a treat to get him to throw his head back ?

And the last of our ambassadog creations are these biothane selector martingale in olive, gold and brass with a gold leash. Don’t they look just stunning?

There’s actually an identical collar (for a slightly smaller neck) in the Ready to Ship section if you need your dog to look even half as handsome as this!

All photos by Sydney and Canberra Dog Photographer – Ruthless Photos

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