How long will my order take to handcraft?

Please refer to the info on this page.

What leather colours are available?

Bridle leather is currently only available in black, brown, burgundy and chestnut from our tannery. If other colours become available we’ll consider adding them to our range. Brightly coloured leather is inferior quality and not built to last, so we’ll never use it in our products.

What hardware is used on your leather collars?

You can choose silver*, brass or aged brass. All d-rings are welded and screws are glued. Everything is built to last!

* We use stainless steel where possible on our leather collars but in some cases it’s just not available so we use other metals. We’ve never had any complaints about hardware failing or rusting. If you want only stainless hardware on your collar the design options available are a No Frills, a Diva Dog or Trixie Dog, a regular Decoder or a Bubbler. Our paracord/biothane and brahma wares are made using only stainless steel hardware (or brass).

Why does everyone rave about Ruthless Leather?

– We hand pick the best quality bridle leather available.
– We finish, seal and waterproof all of our pieces.
– We custom make each order to the specifications you supply.
– Each piece is meticulously handcrafted from start to finish.
– All the hardware used is the strongest available.
– All our designs have been road tested for strength.

You will not find better quality leather products for you or your pet. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our happy customers have to say about our products!

What are your leather aftercare instructions?

Our goods are sealed and waterproofed before we send them to you. Avoid submerging in water – dams, lakes, the ocean and swimming pools. If your leather wares get wet or dirty just wipe them with a damp cloth and leave them somewhere to dry out. NOT in the sun or near a heat source. When dry apply conditioner to rejuvenate and preserve the leather. Even if your pieces don’t get wet, rub some leather conditioner into them every few months to keep them supple and water resistant.

Are your leather wares suitable for protection work and dog sports such as schutzhund/IPO?

Our leather wares are made to withstand the best that any dog can give in day-to-day use. However, for safety’s sake we would not recommend using one of our wares for high impact work such as bite work and protection work. If you require a working dog collar we can modify any of our designs to be suitable for this, but you need to let us know when you’re placing your order.

What are Brahma and Biothane?

Both Brahma and Biothane are a durable, weather-resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean webbing with a soft and durable PVC coating. They’re a vegan friendly alternative to leather that feels soft and supple straight out of the box.

Brahma is thicker than Biothane and isn’t sold in Australia. Biothane is available locally and more colours are available. Neither substrate will rot or smell and both have a break load of over 450kg per 1″.

Do you have examples of the different closure styles?

Important: Different width collars will have the appropriate width closure style. What’s shown below may not be identical to what you receive (ie if the image is a 25mm buckle and you order a collar with a 17mm closure).

Buckle and adjustable Biothane adapter

Martingale chain with buckle and adjustable Biothane adapter

Biothane limited slip adapter – goes on over the head

Please note that all Biothane items now have eyelets on the holes:

What paracord/biothane/brahma colours are available?

Some colours are exclusive to my supplier in Europe so aren’t shown on this chart. Please message me if you’d like to see to see a swatch of saddle brown, burnt orange, powder tan, silver, rose gold, petrol blue or pastel pink. Please note that the glitters of the colours rose gold and silver may rub off.

Most, but not all, of our paracord colours can be seen in see this album on our Facebook page. A good place for colour combination inspiration is our Instagram.

Can I order a paracord collar without the matching leash?

Only ready to ship paracord collars are sold without a matching leash. Bespoke paracord orders are sold as sets. If you’ve no need for a Biothane leash you can elect to donate it to the charity we support, Fetching Dogs.

Why does the paracord look like it's been melted on the back of my collar?
That’s how you finish a paracord piece to prevent it from unravelling. It’s the only safe and secure method.
What are your care instructions for non leather wares?

Our wares are perfect for dogs that like to get wet and dirty*. Just rinse in cold water and leave on a towel to air dry. Don’t ever scrub paracord with a brush as it will damage the fibres. If your collar gets particularly dirty soak it in cold water and bleach-free detergent overnight, then rinse and leave on a towel to air dry.

Brahma and Biothane can be cleaned under the tap and towel dried or wiped with a baby wipe. We’ve noticed with Brahma that if exposed to the elements (ie a collar left on an inside/outside dog 24/7) it can go quite stiff over time, so we don’t recommend that type of use. Neither of these PVC coated webbings like to come in contact with spot on treatments. Please wait a week or so after treament to resume using your Brahma or Biothane collar.

*Please note that collars with side release buckles are not suitable for beach days. Aluminium doesn’t like salt water and it will erode over time.

What hardware is available for your non-leather wares?

Our non-leather wares are made using either entirely stainless steel or solid brass. We never use cheap hardware.

If you order a bespoke paracord collar with a biothane adapter one piece of hardware on those adapters is not stainless steel. If it’s important to you that all the hardware on your collar is stainless steel please let us know so we can make the adapter using only stainless steel hardware.

Can your non-leather collars be made in the same designs as the leather collars?

No, the substrates aren’t suited to being decorated so only undecorated non-leather collars are available.

What neck sizes do you cater to?

Leather, Brahma and Biothane
Narrow = 20-38cm
Regular = 30-48cm
Wide = 38-55cm (leather and Brahma only)
Go Giant = over 55cm (leather only, surcharge applies)

Paracord and Biothane
All designs are up to 50cm. Bigger sizes incur a surcharge based on the complexity of the weave.

What warranty do you offer?

Please refer to our terms & conditions page.

How can I be first to know when you add ready to ship items?

Subscribe to our mailing list if you want to be first to hear any announcements: http://eepurl.com/iexQQ

Do you have a bricks and mortar store?

No, we don’t. However if you’d like to try any of the ready to ship items before you buy, or have your dog’s neck measured by us, you can make an appointment to visit the Ruthless Photos studio in Alexandria, NSW where our display rack lives.

Can you donate to our fundraiser/event/etc.?

You can send an enquiry via our contact form but please note that we already support a number of local groups and it’s unlikely that we can donate to any more causes at this present time.

Do you wholesale or white label your products?

No, we don’t. The only place you can buy our products is directly from us.

Who does your photography?

All our photography is done by Ruthless Photos.

More information can be found on our terms and conditions page.

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