how to order

If you’ve ordered from Ruthless Leather, our previous incarnation, in the past, please note that the ordering process has changed. Dave and I both work full time in our other businesses so our availability to craft bespoke pieces is limited. In order to manage our workloads and client expectations there is no longer an add to cart button on the listings (except for gift vouchers and ready to ship items), it’s been replaced with an add to quote button.

  • First, measure your dog’s neck using our instructions:
  • Then, go to the shop section and peruse our designs. Do you want leather, Brahma or Paracord and Biothane (see our FAQs for more info)? Would you like to buy a ready to ship item or order a bespoke piece? If you find what you like in the ready to ship section add it to your cart, checkout and then you’re done!
  • If you’d like a bespoke piece (or pieces) add all the items you’d wish to order to your quote and then submit it to us. Please try not to submit multiple quotes, you add each item one by one and when everything is added hit the place quote button. Your confirmation email may go to your spam folder so please add us to your address book (but know this may not be a guarantee that future emails won’t also get flagged as spam). We’ll respond with an approximate turnaround time for your bespoke pieces within 3-7 business days and you’ll then have 24hrs to decide if you’d like to lock in a spot on our waiting list. Full payment is required to secure your spot.

Please note that Dave’s availability to craft bespoke leather orders is very limited and the wait can be anywhere from 3 to 12 months or more. If you’re not a patient person we strongly recommend that you don’t order leather! Brahma, Paracord and Biothane pieces don’t have the same lengthy wait times.

Please also note that as this is a brand new system there may be some teething issues so bear with us!

Our FAQs and Terms and Conditions have been updated to reflect all the changes to our business.

Ruth & Dave