happy customers

“After being lucky enough to ‘test drive’ a Ruthless Leather collar and lead I knew I had to have one, the quality is amazing and the lead feels so good in your hand. I figured that over the lifetime of a dog one Ruthless collar would be the same price as several cheaper collars that just don’t last and look daggy very quickly. Well I just love Vivid’s collar and lead but the question I have now is … can I just stop at one?? People comment and ask me about it everywhere we go. I really need to carry Ruthless Leather business cards with me in my dog walking bag!!”

“I’ve been meaning to update you guys with how much I’ve truly loved the collar you made for my english bulldog Finn. I got it made for him when he was 5 weeks if you remember.. Well now the little guy isn’t so little anymore and is 8 months old, 30 pounds and his collar is on the last hole! So it’s time to get a new one! If you know anyone that maybe would want to buy this one off of me at a discounted price, it’s still in amazing condition. I just have no need for it once I get him his new one.”

“Wendy is very excited to have her fantastic new collar from Ruthless Leather and Watson is excited to photobomb her pic and says you should check out his old Ruthless Leather collar also! Thanks guys.”

“Hard to get a good picture of the collar with all the long hair but the camera was just loving her today, Chilli thinks her bling is just AWESOME”

“Thank you so much for the collar and lead! The design, quality, colour and sparkle are all wonderful and we both love them (although I think I appreciate the lead a bit more than Spud does!). My little poser decided that her new bling needed some photos and quite happily lifted up her head to show it off! It’s nice to actually see a collar for once through all that fur! Thanks again, Sarah and Spud”

“It just arrived … eek! THANK YOU SOO SO MUCH!! I don’t think words can describe how stunning and happy I am with the collar, I have been saying since June for Christmas I’ll get one.. and I finally have got it, what took me so long! Unless you have had a Ruthless collar in your hands you cannot truly appreciate the work, design and effort that goes into creating it. You have made my day, one extremely happy client! You have gone the extra mile for finding a brass purple stone just for me. Thank you both again.”

“Thanks so much for the fantastic collar, Bruno absolutely looks the part with it on.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Ruthless Leather! Sailor’s collar and lead are just stunning and the quality is outstanding. I’m so pleased with the colour choice and design. Couldn’t be happier!”

“Can I just say, you guys are AWESOME!!! I received the collar, lead and my spunky arm band this morning. Thank you so much, as usual, they are beautiful! He is certainly going to be the talk of the town strutting around the obedience rings in this fabulous set.”

“Top quality products and exceptional service. Thanks guys for your excellent work on my dog’s collar. Will have to get another dog now so that I can order another collar!”

“I got my gear today… love love love it! Fits perfect and looks great on. I have found the perfect hole for walks and she is very responsive on it. It’s one of the best collars I have used on her. Thanks heaps x”

“Got the collar and leash!!!! Love love love it!! Thanks so much!!! Damn it – I’m so excited!!!”
“Thank you!! They’re gorgeous!! Fits perfectly, right on the main hole. I love the colour pop off him!”
“The sheep herder loves her new collar. The kelpie thinks it’s pretty good too! The spotty dog in the background is jealous. The quality is absolutely brilliant, there will be no more broken buckles at herding now.”
“THANK YOU!!!!! Bozzy’s collar turned up today, and it is beautiful! Thanks so much again, he is going to look so, so handsome!!”
“Here are a few photos of Kilo in her new collar. Thank you, it’s absolutely beautiful.”
“I love the collar and lead, they are beautiful! I’m pretty sure I’ll be back for a martingale as well.”
“Took Chewi out to the bush to photograph him in his new GORGEOUS collar. OMG, it’s so nice, and so well made, we just love it. Chewi also specialises in not looking at the camera unfortunately, but the collar is so cool, thank you so much.”
“Thanks heaps Ruth and Dave it looks great. It works really well with his colours. He loves it too, I can’t get it off him!”
“Hi guys, here is a photo of Asha at her last photo shoot wearing her ‘bling’ as we call it; she loves her collar! Thank you so much again for your fantastic service, cannot speak highly enough of your work.”
“Thank you Ruth and Dave for our fantastic collars and leads, they look great and the leather is simply stunning, so strong and soft at the same time.
I would highly recommend the double locking clasp on the lead, it’s really easy to use and gives great peace of mind.”
“I absolutely love it! The quality is fantastic, I am yet to see a collar anywhere else that comes close to matching the quality and perfection of yours, and the fit is perfect! Kandi (and her canine friends) give it a pretty hard time, but it is still like brand new. I love that you’re so great to deal with, especially when making changes or alterations to your listed products. The final product was exactly what I wanted and more!!!!! Thanks!”
“YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I can’t thank you enough.
When you troll through the internet to see what’s available out there in leatherwork for dogs there’s simply nothing here or overseas which comes anywhere near the quality of your work!!
You can bet ya life I’ll be looking after this new collar and looking forward to showing it off with the lead every day during ‘walkies’!
Awesome stuff!! Thanks again.”
“Thank you so much for Peityn’s beautiful collar and lead! Both she and I love them although I’m not sure I like the fact that she’s already so attached to it that she did run away from me when I tried to take the collar off her this afternoon (and she’s really fast when she wants to be)! Luckily it’s sitting on the sideboard (within her sight) to use on our next outing. Thank you so much!”
“Harley isn’t even one yet and already he owns two Ruthless Leather collars and leads – I just love them!! Other leather collars don’t even come close to this quality, I know they’re going to last him for many many years and it doesn’t hurt that he just looks so incredibly handsome in them!”
“Thanks so much – they do look very smart!!”
“I was lucky enough to meet Ruth and Dave when they were involved in the rescue of my dog Bean. I was then introduced to the great leatherwork, specifically collars and leads they were making. We have now had the lead and collar for I think, about three years and it’s still like new. I have to be honest and say we haven’t looked after the collar as well as we should have with Bean going into a swimming pool and the beach while wearing it. At no point has any colour come off the collar on to Beans white fur as it has with previous cheaper collars and with a bit of leather conditioner the collar always looks like new again. Bean is a typical bull breed, who given the chance will pull on the lead. The Ruthless collar is so well made that I never have any fear of the collar breaking, even when she sees a cat! Value per wear would make this the cheapest collar and lead we have bought for Bean. At this rate I imagine it will last as long as she will.”
“Hey Ruth and Dave. I think the time has come to get a new Ruthless collar. Even though we’ve tried our hardest to kill this one over the last two years it’s still in one piece. I want an excuse to get him another one though so I’ll just say it’s to wear on special occasions!I’ve only used your leather conditioner once (because I’m a bad person) and I admit Gus has managed to get in the water in the Ross River, Pallarenda dog beach and my mate’s swimming pool with it on (I was less than impressed and the pool was the one where I rinsed it in fresh water and then let it dry and conditioned it). That’s what happens when you let the other half walk the dog without you. He goes straight for dressing him in the bling and then lets him roll in cowpats. I reckon I’ve been told of about one tenth of the instances where my other half let him swim with it on – he comes home, takes it off and hangs the collar up on the quiet so there’s no evidence! I have a cheap leather collar I use now if we’re going to the beach and it’s stiff as all hell, it’s like a hoop around his neck. If I buy a second one, I reckon he can do all the damage he wants to his first one and I won’t feel as bad!”
“Just wanted to post a pic of my furbabies repping their new collars and leads. I couldn’t be happier with them, they look fantastic and the leather leads are so comfortable to hold when walking my boofas. Thanks again!”
“Here’s Saxon’s new Ruthless Leather collar for his 1st birthday – I love it on him!
Thanks heaps Ruth & Dave”
“Thank you for Sneaky & Amaya’s collars and leads, the workmanship is so very detailed and the quality of leather and durability of them have been put to the test and as you can see, but still look super stunning. Sneaky has enjoyed rumbling around and roughing it up in his leather goods, just like a bikie in leather pants Sneaky feels super tough! Although he looks that way Sneaky is actually the princess of our two, avoiding such things as a “light” drizzle or mud. On the other hand Amaya with her graceful looks and modelling career will often be found in the rain digging her way through trenches she creates whist looking for grubs and comes out looking like a scruffy – like Kate Moss after a night out on the town. So your fantastic products are just stellar and very much appreciated.We are looking forward to seeing what you will be able to design for our mischievous Bengal, Mia, who thinks she is one of the dogs!”
“Ziggy in his new collar – thank you so much, it is divine!”
“Hi Ruth and Dave,
Here are some photos of George and Milly in their beautiful new collars! They are simply stunning, beautifully crafted. I love them! The leads are so beautiful and light. We are heading out for a walk tonight to try them out!
Can’t wait to save up again and buy them the flat collars next year! I’m addicted! Thanks again!
Carly, George and Milly xx”
“My hands are f–ked from CRPS. I use nothing BUT Ruthless Leather. Easiest leads to hold and handle. Cheap synthetic leads burn and slip through my hands. Ruthless Leather collars and leads ROCK. I have 3 of each and only two dogs! The bridle leather is a joy to hold.”
“Ruth & Dave, Thank you sooooo much for Whiskey’s Nautilus collar and lead [aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhjjjjjj excitement!]. The little hussy was walking around with her head held high today, bringing all the boys to the yard.The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s seriously a piece of art, and we couldn’t be happier. Now off to sort out which one we’ll get next, until all 37 dogs have their own…”
“OMG – It’s here!!! *Squeels with excitement* It is the most beautiful piece of craftmanship I have ever seen, and I can not wait until I get home and try it on Bosco. He is going to look so handsome in it, and he will be the envy of everyone at the dog club when he turns up in his new collar and lead. Thank you so much, it is perfect!”
“Bench in his new collar. Wow we love it!
Absolutely stunning. He’s so excited to be proudly wearing his new collar.”
“I just want to say a big thank you for your time and patience during the design of Tyra’s collar. It is absolutely gorgeous and suits her perfectly, she gets loads of compliments. The colour looks great on her and the lead is just perfect – so light to hold! A massive thank you!!!!!”
“Just wanted to let you know I picked the collar and lead up this morning and they’re totally divine. Ziggy looks so handsome in his new collar. All the ladies and a few of the customers at the local post office were totally impressed and a few took down your website details.
Thanks so much.”
“The collar has arrived and I LOVE it. Fits well and suits him. Thanks!”
“Kaylee looks stunning in her new collar. A BIG THANK YOU Ruthless Leather!”
“I am thrilled by the result, Dexter will look stunning wearing it!”
“Thanks again Ruth and Dave, I LOVE the collar and leash.”
“Dear Ruthless Leather, thank you so much for the gorgeous collar! The craftsmanship is just divine and my boy loves wearing it too (although not very keen to have his photo taken), thank you again for such wonderful, prompt and friendly service.”
“Dear Ruthless crew,
Thank-you so much for Boris’ new collar. He looks just splendid! Sitting still is not one of his strong points but after about 300 photos and a handful of treats we managed to get something that showed how handsome he now looks.
Thanks again,
Carly and Boris”
“Just took this photo after walking around in the CBD, thank you “traffic lead” (oh if you can say Albury has a CBD!).
Seriously – the lead is perfect for such times – and saves having a lead wrapped everywhere.
Can’t wait for my three way – as this lead does restrict doing agility on park benches though!
This is Kasha, just chilling out in the car park waiting for hubby to come say hello.
Love it love it – thanks!”
“This is Bruce in his new collar! I received it the other day and I love it, suits him very much!”
“Firstly, thank you very much for your excellent and prompt service. The collar arrived in time for Daisy’s 2nd birthday on Australia Day, she loves her collar and so do we! We attach a photo of Daisy in her new collar, as you will see, it suits her very well. We are so thrilled with her collar we will get her a lead for her 3rd birthday.”
“We spoilt the dogs a little this year and bought them these gorgeous handmade leather collars. Cannot recommend Ruthless Leather enough, for their awesome workmanship and perfect customer service.”
“We spoilt the dogs a little this year and bought them these gorgeous handmade leather collars. Cannot recommend Ruthless Leather enough, for their awesome workmanship and perfect customer service.”
“Bo’s collar and leash is exquisite! The blue Swarovski crystal detail really sets off his eyes (I know how that sounds but it’s true!). He just knew that the “Ruthless” package was for him and had his nose firmly planted in the box and then proceeded to nudge each package as I tried clumsily to unwrap it – when I held up the collar, he slipped his nose straight through as if he wanted it put on there and then. And, so… I did and it’s not been taken off since. It was for Xmas and there it is already around his neck. Oh, well… I’ll have to think of something else for the big day ‘cause I just can’t bring myself to take it off. The leash is for me and I will sport it with pride. Thank you to you and Dave both – I am appreciative of your suggestions along the way and the end result is actually better than I could have imagined. Your customer service is also a credit to you.”
“Just saying a MASSIVE thank you! Thrasher is proudly sporting her new collar. It was a custom job, and exactly what I had pictured almost a year ago while waiting for her to grow. Lol
It really is rare now to see this kind of quality, and excellent customer service anymore. Really is a work of art, and Thrash will now be the envy of dogs AND humans when we go out for walks. Again, thanks guys. We LOVE it!”
“Just received Xander’s Ruthless martingale collar & I have to say it is beautiful. It’s almost a shame to use it but I’m sure Xander will show it off quite wellI can tell by the way the collar was packaged that you have a lot of pride in your work right to the final stage of postage & I love the container of leather conditioner that you supply with the collar as well.
The leatherwork has to be seen to be appreciated & I can tell just by looking at it that Xander & I will get many many years of wear out of it. Xander will be wearing his new collar at all his obedience & Rally trials from now on so I am sure he will get lots of admirers.
Thanks Ruthless for a great product.”
“Thank you so much, they’re absolutely beautiful and fit perfectly!”
“I absolutely love the collar you made for Justice. Even though I had high expectations I was still blown away by how stunning the collar looks in person. The quality and workmanship are second to none and it fits him perfectly. We regularly get strangers commenting on how much they love it and of course, I make sure they know how to go about getting their very own Ruthless Leather collar. Thank you so much!”
“I got the harness today already! It fits her perfectly and I really like it. Again my compliments to Dave, he’s done a great job.”
“I LOVE Karma’s new collar Ruth!
I have a couple of Ruthless Leather collars for my dogs and the quality is 2nd to none!”
“Just a very late thank you to you and Dave for the collar!I really like the collar and it has attracted lots of positive attention from friends and at a recent obedience trials it was admired by several people as well. It suits its purpose perfectly and looks stylish too. I’m really pleased with it!! The workmanship is lovely and the quality and softness of the leather is fantastic.”
“Thanks so much for Skarla’s beautiful collar and lead set, she looks fantastic in it, and it feels so strong!”
“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Fhoenix’s new collar and leash. Quite shocked and surprised (in a good way of course), at how sturdy and nicely made your products are. I couldn’t believe the quality and craftmanship. Thank you very much for the leather cleaner too. It has made Fhoenix look much more handsome and has complemented his chocolate coat. All the best and keep up the wonderful work that you do.”
“Thanks so much for Coopers collar and lead, it is absolutely fabulous and he looks awesome with it on. We have already had some great comments with him wearing it. I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be getting a decent photo of it with his long ears! The comment below this is spot on, your work is superb, keep it up.”
“LOVE Molly’s burgundy & silver collar! Looks stunning on her!
Because of her bad hips and elbows the lighter collar is much better for more regular use.
Will keep the reflector one for night escapades!”
“Attached is a picture of our dog wearing your fabulous collar and lead. The colour of the collar really suits our dog, don’t you agree?
Thank you again for making a really nice collar for our puppy, Boon and thank you very much for your kindness.”
“Thank you so much to you and Dave for Boss’s collar and lead. They look fantastic on him – he’s been showing off all day. x”
“Collar and lead arrived today!!!! So, so, so gorgeous!!!! I love it! The collar looks fantastic on Ziggy! I am glad I got a wide one, it is just perfect. Thank you so much! It looks stunning!”
“I LOVE Rasta’s new collar on him! I love how solid it feels when I grab him, I love how it sits on his neck its bloody perfect!! Very impressed!”
“Thanks for Coco’s new collar Ruth, it is fantastic!”
“Hi Ruth, received Alfie’s collar and lead today – they are fantastic! Thank you so much, he think’s he’s pretty good!”
“The quality is awesome Ruth!!! Dave is a true craftsman!!! :-)))) So impressed.”
“As you know the collar and lead were made for Flute who looks fabulous in them, however Sienna [our other GSP] took one look and decided they are indeed her crown. She insists on wearing them and stalks around like a princess when she does – it seriously alters her whole demeanour when she has them on, it’s an extraordinary thing to see. We love them, beautifully made from quality leather – they’ll be in our home for a lifetime. Thank you.”
“LOVE IT!!!! It’s like the vague idea I had in my mind come to life!
More beautiful work by you guys, I’m very impressed.”
“Thank you so much for Storm’s collar and lead set. It looks AMAZING and he’s walking so much better now too.”
“Hey Ruth, Hey Dave… thanks so much for Slipstream’s stunning new collar! You guys were so good with Slip and the collar is just gorgeous – proof that you guys don’t just make strong collars for strong dogs but also strong, sleek, sexy collars for speedy dogs!”
“Here’s Echo’s beautiful new collar. I can’t believe the quality of it. Very nice! I went to take it off her last night to bath her and she got the irrits with me! Thanks again!”
“Since getting her Ruthless Leather blingy show set this little lady has won 3rd in baby puppy, 1st in minor bitch, 3 x 1st in minor puppy and runner up best bitch in class!”
“They are awesome! I am so happy with the quality and the service was great too!”
“Seriously recommend these guys – if you are considering it!”
“Wow, quite some collars. No complaints about how they are made! Should last two dogs lifetimes, which WILL save me money.”
“Neo and his new collar. Top work and even better customer service. Keep up the great work!”
“Thanks for Molly’s collar and lead, they’re perfect. So well made.”
“Archie loves his new collar. We had so many comments at the agility trial yesterday as I took both boys with their Ruthless Leather collars and leads along.”
“Diesel sporting his new collar and lead set, looking very smart! Thank you so much, I love it! xxx”
“The collars + lead arrived today! They are AMAZING!!! The craftsmanship is top notch… I have a bunch of dog lovers here at the office that are loving them as well. I can’t wait to get home and show Oliver his new necklaces! He will be soooo excited. You folks are AWESOME!!!!”
“OMG! It’s here! It’s here!! My son was excited too, he helped with the unwrapping. When he picked the collar up he said “Ohhhh, it’s beautiful mummy!” LOL It is though, photos can’t capture the texture and weight of them. Just gorgeous!”
“It’s GORGEOUS! The brass is exactly how I wanted it. Thank you thank you. I’m thrilled with it, it is the classiest leather collar I’ve seen. THANK YOU! And WOOF from Esme!”
“I looooove it! It’s so well made and it looks amazing. Spence looks like such a stud muffin! Hopefully people won’t mistake him for a girl anymore.”
“It’s brilliant! I’m one of those people that don’t keep collars on the dogs around the house, but I put it on him and I haven’t taken it off. I love it!!I loved the professional attention to detail with the delivery. The collar is so obviously of very excellent quality… really nicely done.”
“Everywhere we go, people are always asking me where I got Zero’s collar and leash from. Not only are they gorgeous but they’re strong too – Zero has leaned his full 30kgs of Siberian Husky pulling power into it and not had even a hint of it stretching, let alone breaking. After having had lots of different collars and leashes in the last three years which inevitably start breaking down, it’s nice to know I’ll never have to buy another one for him and even better, it’s a lot softer on my hands than the others have ever been! Oh, and you can actually see it through his coat!”
“Owning Staffords it is important, but hard, to find good quality collars and leads. Most of the time ducking into a store is not going to find a good enough product to stand the wear and tear that Staffords put into their equipment. I am so impressed with the workmanship and quality of the leads and collars that Ruthless Leather produces. Nova looks incredible in hers and I get a kick out of seeing a beautiful set on her while knowing just how secure she is in them.”
“Oh Ruth the collar is amazing! I knew it would be wonderful but in real life it is divine! It fits him perfectly on the centre hole!”
“I got Daisy’s collar today and it looks amazing! It is so beautiful and suits her to a T. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, it’s exactly what I wanted, she’s going to be the spunkiest dog in the ring when we trial next month!”
“Love the new collar!!! It’s fabulous and we always get comments on it.
I can honestly say that Ruthless Leather collars are incredible in quality and looks.”
“The collars are fantastic, thanks Ruth. I will have to try and get Jester to stretch his neck out so his rolls don’t cover his. Nash looks lovely in the “hearts” one, I was worried it would be a bit feminine but he carries it off.”
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