ruthless leather martingale collar with buckle

We often get asked which type of collar is best for a dog that pulls on the lead. While our leather martingale collars with buckles are fantastic training aids, they won’t miraculously stop your dog from pulling, particularly if it’s a behaviour that is already quite ingrained in your dog. We recommend that you book a session with a reputable balanced trainer in your area for help with loose leash walking in conjunction with our martingale collars.

Here are some important facts about these collars:

– To be worn ONLY during training/walks
– When sized correctly, dog cannot back out of this collar
– Proper placement is high and snug, at the jaw and behind ears (as pictured)
– Allow for leash corrections
– Stop use if dog is pulling and choking (gasping for air/gagging/coughing)
– Never use when dog is tied out/tethered

Source: PitBulls Against Misinformation

Our martingale collars can be made with chains and without.

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